KEMEI KM500 8 in 1 Super Grooming Kit

29,999.00AMD 15,999.00AMD

8 in 1 hair clipper kit
Shave areas of hair and remove the annoying ear hair, eyebrows, and facial hair.
Intelligent positioning combs
4 adjustable limit combs ( 3mm / 6mm / 9mm / 12mm ) adjust the trim length and make all sorts of length hair easily.
Powerful motor
Create high-velocity airflow through the hair chamber while trimming for maximum suction.
Low noise design
Experiments prove that the blade is switched on in a certain environment noise.

Slide the power switch on the main body to turn on the trimmer.
Cut hair to the correct height by moving the trimmer back against the flow of the hair.
Keep the trimmer clean and refuel adequately.


The hair trimmer with grooming options lets you easily trim your hair, and provides you different excellent cutting experience! The blade will not rust or tangle your hair, it always keeps sharp and ensures high durability. You can connect it to power to use, never worry about running out of power.